Member Resources


Elder Department Assignments

Any team member can be contacted with a ministry concern and, of course, all elders are available for member concerns.

Team 1:  M. Raglin, Leader; Members: J. Simon, G. Richardson. Ministries:Prayer Ministry, Community Service, Sensational Seniors, Womens Ministry, Hospitality, Strategic Planning

Team 2: F. Davidson, Leader; Members; T. McCalister, C. Benford. Ministries: Deaconesses, Prison Ministry, Stewardship, A/V, Home and School, Risk Management

Team 3: R. Dulan, Leader; Members: A. Ewing, M. Joseph. Ministries: Sabbath School, Religious Liberty, Health Min, Adventist Single Adult Ministries, Children’s Ministry, AY

Team 4: K. Callender, Leader; Member: M. Dulan. Ministries: Deacons, Mens Ministry, Pathfinders/Adventurers, Greeters, Personal Ministries

Team 5: Pastor Trusty, Leader; Member: Pastor Golovenko. Ministries: Church Clerk, Bible Workers, Family Ministry, Communication, Beautification, Music, Finance/Treasury, Elders